Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Year In Review Album

This is an album that I made for my WONDERFUL 14th year old for her birthday on Tuesday!
Last year - I started a "year in review" tradition for her. I take memorable pictures from July through June and put them in some type of holder. It's so fun looking back at all the stuff she did throughout the year. Last year I made an envelope book (you can see it on this blog last year around July) for her and this year, since I have the Bind It All - I decided to step it up a little.
I used my pack of 12" x 12" In Color cardstock, Polka Dots & Petals & Happy Everything stamp sets, In Color ink pads, and Designer Paper from the Confetti Scrappin' Kit for the front and back covers.
I cut the cardstock 10" x 6" and scored it at 4" for the fold out flaps. This is a GREAT way to be able to use more photos without adding more pages. It's hard to see unless you click on the photo, but I stamped each page with the same color ink as the cardstock. I was really RUSHED for time and completed this in one evening....about 3 hours (the night before her birthday). My daughter was actually sitting across the table from me working on scrapbook pages for her grampa's birthday present while I cut, scored and stamped...she had no idea what I was making!!! She went to bed and I added all the pictures - pretty sneaky heh??? LOL
Last but not least - I used my Bind It All to bind the book and WAAAAA LAAAA! Super simple!
Thanks for looking.

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Cindy said...

What a great idea, your making this bind it all more appealing all of the time! Love the pictures and the concept, didn't realize that the pages flipped out! Especially liked the hunting and archery pics! :)