Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scrap Pages

Here are a few pages I've made recently for my monthly scrapbooking group.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm Back!

Just back from bear hunting - had a blast!!! Our group got 9 bears while Hailey and I were there!!! Here are a few pictures:

I'll be working on some new projects this week and start up loading them as soon as I can!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Name Frames

Just ONE MORE ADDITION here before I go to Northern Wisconsin bear hunting for a week! Here's a picture I took of my then 12 year old daughter's bear from last year!

Here are a few more name frames - I just love these!!! They are so easy to make! I made this one so the ladies at bear camp can have a little fun this week!

I had a TEAM meeting Labor Day weekend for my out of town demos and Nikki brought along 2 name frames that she made too!

Here we are - Nikki, Cindy, me & Terri:

These are the projects that we made:

Thanks for checking in! I'll be back on the 16th!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Holiday Mini Samples!

BAD NEWS.....OK - so I made all these cards as soon as I got my loot from the Holiday Mini. I had them laying on my desk for a few days with no time to scan them and then....the unbelievable happened!!!!! I lost them! All of them! Lucky for me my wonderful friend, Terri, was here and I made her one of each too! She mailed them to me after I hysterically called her to tell her of the devasting news! LOL

GOOD NEWS.....I just found all my cards last night! WHEW!!! I was ready for the rubber room! I must have set them in my display basket, because I remember telling myself something so insane, I can't believe I believed in my ability here....."DON'T FORGET WHERE YOU PUT THESE!" That's what I told myself when I did it.....I could remember that part as I was frantically searching! Do you ever do that? Or go into a room and suddenly forget why you're there? Maybe not.....LOL!
Anyhoo - here a few of the cards I made with the new Holiday Mini sets!

This is called a wiper card - when you open it - the little "be merry" piece pops up!!! I made the front panel open on this card so I can insert a family photo for the holidays. Don't you LOVE those Rhinestone Brads????

Open and pulled out:

My friend Terri made the next 2 tri-fold cards: