Friday, June 27, 2008

Mr. B's Album

Here's the album I made for my daughter's teacher for the end of the year. I LOVE my Bind It All. I get all my Bind It All supplies from - very fast shipping and the cheapest supplies that I've found.
I know these pages are out of order....but it's so hard to move them around and I'm really pressed for time today - have to pay the bills and I'm sooooooo procrastinating!!! LOL
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

June Scrapbooking Pages

Here are my latest scrapbooking group pages. I decided to make the theme about "dads" - in honor of Father's Day - well...actually no just dads, but MY DAD. Because I have the BESTEST dad in the whole world!!!

Here's a couple pictures from our fishing trip to North Dakota (Devils Lake) last week. I was the official "netter." Not really much of a fishing person....I like to play with the underwater fish camera and read my book. But I did fish one night and I caught the walleye in the last picture...notice that I am NOT holding that fish....I don't like to touch them - LOL!!!!

Oh...and my dad doesn't usually dress with clashing patterns on his clothes...but it got a little cool out there and the plaid shirt is flannel....just wanted to tell you that so you don't think that my precious father is a dork - LOL!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Graduation Board

Here is the Graduation Board that I made for my daughter's 8th Grade Class....she just left a small parochial school to go to a GIANT High School....from 6 in her class to classes of 300+!!!! HOLY COW!
We bought her a cell phone on our plan.....she had a pay-as-you-go for the last year and was VERY responsible with here goes - pray for me...that I don't get a $5 million cell phone bill!!! LOL

MORE Pocket Flip Books

I've been super busy with my daughters' end of year school stuff. Here are the Pocket Flip Books I made for the graduating class (there were only 7 of them) and also the only 7th grader - I just couldn't leave her out!!! They were in a combined classroom. I made different ones for the boys and girls. The last picture is the front cover of the album I made for the teacher - he was the BEST!!! Hailey had him 3 years in a row - I'm really going to miss seeing him everyday - my daughter and our school is so very blessed to have him!!!
Watch for future posts with pictures of the album.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Household Products Class

Come make 6 cards with products you have around your house!

We'll be playing with bleach, used dryer sheets, a metal scrubber, shaving cream & roofing tape.

WHEN: June 25th
WHERE: Hobby Lobby - Oshkosh
TIME: 10 am or 6 pm
COST: $15


Can't make the class??? DON'T WORRY! You can get the cards by mail! Add $2.50 for postage and I'll mail you all the cards with envelopes too!