Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Convention Pictures!

We took a little time out of our busy schedules to grab a bite to eat....downtown Denver took us to a very interesting little 50's diner called Johnny Rockets....

This is what we were greeted with when we entered....the entire waitstaff dancing to Saturday Night Fever!!!! It was hilarious!

The place was pretty calm until the executives from Stampin' Up! came in for supper......they were pretty ROWDY!!!!

And of course....we got our waitress to take a picture of the three of us for "scrapbooking" purposes!!! L to R - Terri, Me & Pam

Monday, July 30, 2007

More Convention Pictures!

Convention Close Ups

Here are some of the GREAT projects on those display boards.


Convention in Denver was incredible....as usual! I went with two other demos and we had a GREAT time. Here's some pictures......
The theme this year was:
Here are some of the display boards:
Here are some more.....I took about 300 pictures - OUCH!!!!
Here I am - up on stage for a sales award!!!! YIPEE!!!!
We had a few issues with our trip....cancelled flight....lost luggage....and then we checked into our room and the number was 666 - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? That's me - looking very bewildered......what do you think of my acting abilities??? HUH???? I think I'll keep my day jobs! LOL

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Flip Book for my BROTHER!

My brother just had a big bash for his 50th!!!! Hard to believe he's that old....but numbers don't mean anything in our family - we're all young at heart! We had a blast at his party! Here's the birthday boy....isn't he adorable?????

I wanted to do something VERY special for a VERY special year - so I made him a flip book with pictures from toddler on up. He LOVED it!!!!! Oh yeh...and my hubby bought him an airhose reel.....I think I WON in the present catagory!!!!
I used the Out and About Simply Scrappin Kit. Here's the front cover:
Here's the inside:
Here's the back:
Here are some of the inserts from the envelope pouches. I put pictures on the front and back.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Did you know?

Did you know that you can click on any of the pictures here and make them bigger - to get a better view????

Framed Gift

This frame was made by my friend Terri - she made it as a gift for my father's birthday - HE LOVED IT!!!!

It's covered with the Au Chocolate Designer Paper and adorned with Chipboard letters!!!!! That 1st picture is my mom and me - she's the BESTEST mom in the whole world!!!! The 2nd picture is my daughter - she's the BESTEST kid in the whole world!!!!! And last but not least is my niece and nephew!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NEW Stamp Set Cards!!!!

I'm gearing up for CONVENTION!!!!!! Leaving next Wednesday for DENVER!!!! The Zoofari, Pick a Petal & Baroque Motif cards were made for my Mystery Hostess evenings on Monday and Tuesday. Zoofari & Pick a Petal are completely cased from SCS - but the Baroque Motif card was created by my downline Rachael!!!!

The other cards are for convention swaps. I'll be at a soccer tournament all weekend with a VERY long day on Saturday - my daughter has to play 3 games on Saturday - anywho - I figure I can stamp, punch and adhere while were between games! I'm going to take a TV tray and I think my soccer chair will do me well!!!! CRAZY - YES - but they have to get done....as of this writing....I have 20 cards completed....and I usually take a couple hundred!!! LOL LAUGH WITH ME PEOPLE!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

CD Holder

One of my best - long-time friends and fellow demonstrators' is here with me from the other side of the state, tonight stamping - YIPEE!!!! I had a full stamp room tonight - Rachael was here too! We're going to my brother's 50th birthday party tomorrow (well since it's past midnight-TODAY!) down by Milwaukee......she made this CD holder for him as a gift!!!! It has a CD that contains all the pictures she took on our recent fishing trip to North Dakota - brother went too. All credit goes to Terri G.!

P.S. I did get all my Name Frame supplies put away the next day!!!! I'm working hard on my little problem....you know....procrastination.....shhhhhh!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Name Frame Creations!!!!

The Name Frame Class was a HUGE success tonight!!!! I think my stampers had a GREAT time. I brought in a bunch of stamp sets, all my ink pads, cardstock, Designer Paper, ribbon and embellishments - WOW - this only took me about 30-45 minutes to load up......it will probably take me about 4 days to unload - LOL!!!! Those of you that know me are simply shaking your head up and down slowly! I'm such a procrastinator!

Anywhoo - I had a couple sample Name Frames that I made and everyone ran with it! I LOVE to see all the different ideas and layouts that my talented customers come up with - they did a FABULOUS job! Each one is unique in it's own way!

My daughter even joined us tonight - it was better than staying home with "crabby daddy!" Crabby because drivers were "trying to kill him" on the way home from work tonight.....he exagerates just a little...sometimes! That's her in the yellow. She even asked me if she had to purchase the frame - I donated it to her, but I'll work it off in the morning when I unload all my loot!!!

Artist: Sue M.

Artist: Diane D.

Artist: Heather M. (getting married this Saturday!!!)

Artist: Julie

Artist: Brenda V.

Artist: Hailey A.

Artist: Jennifer C.

Artist: Julie

Artist: Brenda V.