Monday, July 30, 2007


Convention in Denver was usual! I went with two other demos and we had a GREAT time. Here's some pictures......
The theme this year was:
Here are some of the display boards:
Here are some more.....I took about 300 pictures - OUCH!!!!
Here I am - up on stage for a sales award!!!! YIPEE!!!!
We had a few issues with our trip....cancelled flight....lost luggage....and then we checked into our room and the number was 666 - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? That's me - looking very bewildered......what do you think of my acting abilities??? HUH???? I think I'll keep my day jobs! LOL

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Jan Scholl said...

You must have been on Northwest. My hubby got diverted to Toledo from Detroit and I wanted to pick him up as I was closer to Toledo and they would not let anyone off! 3 1/2 hours later-I am still waiting at Metro and I could have been there and back several times.

I think the 666 thing is so funny! I have a running joke with anyone over what is going on with this number. I once got it twice in a row at local running races and people thought I was crazy to keep it (I place in my age both times)