Friday, November 30, 2007

Gift Giving Stamp Camp Projects

What a GREAT day we had! All the projects were so much fun and the stampers had a GREAT time too!!!! I was joined by my team in designing these SPECTACULAR projects - WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!!

You can click on any of the pictures to see more detail.

This adorable photo cube was designed by Rachael - she purchase them from Oriental Trading Co:

This little baby was my creation! There are so fun. My daughter made sets of 4 last Christmas and gave them as a gift to her big sisters!

Lisa designed these spectacular Circle Purses to go with the ornaments in the Cherise Designer Paper. She used a small bag in betweent he layers to hold the gift.

Cathy created this adorable Snowman Soup Treat Box - complete with a candy cane, chocolate kisses, mini marshmallows, cocoa & a poem. Dashing Designer Paper was used here:

Another project by me - this is meant to hold a gift card for a video store. What a GREAT way to give a boring gift card!!!!

Here's the inside of the gift card holder:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Cards

Here are some holiday cards that I hijacked from some VERY talented stampers - just wanted to share their talent with you....I don't have time for my "own talent" right now - got some classes to get ready for and some presents to make!!! LOL

Don't you just LOVE this cuddlebug card??? If you don't have one - go NOW and get yourself one - RUN - RUN VERY FAST!!!! Everyone should have one....I wonder if I could get a cut from the company for all the poor, poor stampers I've enabled??? I'm thinkin' NOT! You CAN use your 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby for this baby - don't take no for an answer.....some of my stampers have been telling me they have been turned down with the coupon - NOT SO - ask to talk to the manager!

My ALL-TIME FAVORITE stamp set from the Holiday Mini Catalog! This has sooooooooo much potential! You could put a "thank you" on the bottom and it's totally "not all about Christmas!"

OH - here it is again! Imagine that! My favorite stamp set.....

AND - OH....I do believe that those snowflakes are from......YES - my favorite stamp set, yet again!!!! Do you have your cuddlebug yet????? I told you to RUN girlfriend!

Hope your holiday card making is going GREAT - mine not so an cardstock and stamps....even got me some no time....

VAN UPDATE: If you are a regular addict to my insane little'll remember the little tidbit about my van (see "birdie picture" to catch up).....remember that part about the $300? YEA - that's the one! Well that check engine light came on you suppose that I would have been better off just throwing that money off a bridge? I knew this would happen....NO - I'm not bitter....I'm very use to these types of things....seems to happen to me all the time.... Well - here's what I'm a thinkin''s missing a little - you know, when it's not running real smooth, but it's STILL running - so I'm thinking that I'll just put some more gas in and I have a little piece of black tape that might take care of my little problem for a while? I'll keep you updated...cuz I know you are really interested in my little dilemna!!! LOL

If you can't laugh at lifes' little bumps - you'll be a miserable, bitter person - KEEP SMILING!

November Scrapbook Pages

Here are the pages for my monthly scrappin' group. I stamped the Supersize Snowflake with white craft ink and embossed it with iridescent ice embossing powder - gotta have some BLING - ya know?

Page 2

Here's a close up of the ornament - I sponged it with white craft ink and put some dimensionals under it:

Another close-up of the Library Clip - aren't these the cutest???? They are only available until Nov 30th! In the mini catalog!!!! I will use this little layer for my journaling.

SUPERSIZE SNOWFLAKE TIP!!!! You can use this to stamp on your mirrors and windows for the holidays!!! Just use White StazON! I was told....with a window cleaner and a little elbow grease - you can remove it when winters over!

Hilarious Scrapbooking Video

If you haven't seen this yet, quick- go to the potty first and then click on this site. You will laugh yourself sick!

Retirement Contest!

I hope you're post-Thanksgiving shopping isn't getting in the way of really important things....LIKE STAMPING YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!! LOL I haven't even started mine......

This is a little last minute....but, as you know - the retirement list is just around the corner.....SATURDAY!!!!!!! I'm hoping that it's a small one - you know what a dither the last one put me in!!!! Any hoo - let's have a contest!

Send me the name of ten stamp sets that you think will retire. The winner who chooses the most right will win the Exclusive Hostess Stamp Set - Party Punch!!!! If we have a tie - I'll put the names in a bowl and draw a winner.

All entries must be in by midnight on Friday!!!!

Keep a close eye on my blog in December - I'm going to be having a lot of specials!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Book in a Box Class

On December 12th at 10am and 6pm - you'll have the opportunity to make this adorable keepsake for that special girl in your life - great gift idea for any girl from 4 to 44!

The Book in a Box is combined with the Girl Scrap Kit from Hobby Lobby to create this beauty. My neice - Emma - is going to go gaga over this Christmas present!

Where: Hobby Lobby - Oshkosh
Cost: $15

All you need to bring is your adhesive, scissors and a paper cutter! Use your 40% off coupons to purchase the Book in a Box kit and the Girl Scrap Kit. Call or email today to register!

Click on the pictures to get a bigger view.

Gift Card Class!

I've been making gift cards for the holiday season!!!! Come join me for a fabulous class and make all four of these gift card/cash holders at Hobby Lobby in Oshkosh!

Date: Tuesday, December 4th at 6pm
OR Wednesday, December 5th at 10am

Cost: $15

The patterns for these cuties are priceless and almost all of them can be adapted for any occassion!

Call today to register! You can click on the picture below to get a bigger view.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Little Birdie!

OK - so I'm getting ready for the big hunting opener two Friday's ago and my van starts acting my vans' always do - STUPID! $300 later, I'm not sure it's really fixed....we'll find out after I take a trip up north for Thanksgiving and hunting! (did that - not really fixed) Any hoo, I decided to load up the hubby's work car and head out....not sure, mind you, that all mine and Hailey's stuff is going to fit in that thing.....I opened the door, turned my back and Hailey tells me there's a bird in the car! WHAT! Did I hear her right? YEP! There's the little fellow - how weird??? He flew right in there! Now, not knowing how he would travel with us....and the fact that "nobody rides for FREE" - he had to go!
Then when I'm out hunting last weekend - I had 2 Chickadee's land on the barrel of my gun - such cute little birdies! Is there anything I should know about the "birds?" Is there any saying about this? Like if your palm itches, you're going to come into some money???

Neillsville Stamp Camp

We had a GREAT time at the Weston Town Hall, north of Neillsville, at the Yule Tide Stamp Camp! Everyone learned a few new things and went home with some fabulous projects and super door prizes too!

There's my mom and daughter standing in the background....just came to check things out and have a couple snacks! Thanks mom & Hailey!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Awesome Christmas Card!!!!

Here's a card that one of my stampers (Jason) made for a Christmas Card swap. Jason is pictured in a post below for my World Card Making Day event!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


I had to share some Halloween pictures with you. My daughter comes up with some pretty good ones.....she did this one on her own this year....usually it comes down to "mom, I want to be *%^(* can you make it for me!!!!" Thing 1 and Thing 2 had a GREAT time this year.

Here's some from the past:

My all-time favorite is Mike from Monsters Inc. I had a BLAST making this one and she had a blast wearing it!

Oh, how I wish I had a digital camera for the previous years costumes! They're not on my computer...... We had a paper mache' Frankenstein head that I made one year and another year, I took a cardboard box and painted it identical to Sponge Bob!!!! Costumes are so much fun.....and sometimes very challenging!

Yule Tide Stamp Camp - Menasha

November 3rd kicked off the 1st of 3 holiday stamp camps. Everyone had a great time and learned some new card layouts and great ideas for gifts.

The doorprizes were so much fun to make!!! They included some packs of stamped gift tags, embellished Jumbo clothes pins, packs of cards, gift boxes, stamped Christmas CD's, entire stamp sets, magnetic memo boards......

Stephanie took home one of the Magnetic Memo Boards! GO STEPHANIE!!!

The candle project was a HUGE success!

TA-DA - one candle down, many more to go!

Cathy & Lisa had a great time and did a fabulous job - thanks TEAM!

We asked for donations for Toys for Tots and also the local Food Pantry. Everyone bringing a donation had their name entered for a special door prize - here's our winner - she got to take home the In the Spotlight stamp set!!!!

Amanda, Janine, Donnis & Stephanie hard at work....

Here's Jaclyn enjoying the great spread of food!!!!

Thanks to all our wonderful customers - we had a great time and they did too! I have photos further down in this blog, showing the projects for the Yuletide Stamp Camp.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Classic or Craft Pads?

I’ve had several of my customers question me about the difference between the Classic and Craft Stampin’ Pads and which I like here's the scoop...

Classic Stampin’ Pads (Dye based ink):

Our Classic inks are dye based inks that are water soluble;
Dye inks are transparent and absorb into the paper;
Dye Inks dry quickly on all types of paper, making them easier to work with;
Dye inks are not waterproof and the colors will bleed if they get wet;
Dye inks are safe for scrapbooks but will fade over time; and
Dye inks work well on coated papers (Glossy Cardstock) but tend to run or bleed on highly absorbent papers.

Craft Stampin’ Pads (Pigment based ink):

Craft ink is pigment ink which is a dry, powdery agent that uses a binding agent to help it adhere to paper;
Pigment pads contain natural binding agents that are safe for use in scrapbooks;
Pigment ink sits on top of the paper and does not absorb;
Pigment ink is often preferred for scrapbooking because pigment inks are more resistant to fading than most dye inks, so you will get the longest-lasting color with Craft pads;
Pigment Inks take longer to dry and are a good choice to use as an embossing ink;
Pigments are more light and heat stable than most dyes, which makes pigment inks a good choice when your finished art will be displayed;
If heat-set, Pigment inks will resist all but the most deliberate efforts to smear them (such as wetting your finger and rubbing the ink); and
Heat-setting and air-drying produce the same color results.

All this being said, I prefer to use the Classic Ink for most of my stamping. I have used them almost exclusively since I started to stamp and scrapbook and in 6+ years have never seen any signs of fading. I love that they dry almost instantly, I don’t want to have to wait for my ink to dry before I can finish my projects.

I do use the Craft Inks and for certain projects they are the best choice. I love stamping a light color on a dark cardstock - pink will be very vibrant on black cardstock - and I love using them with clear embossing powder. The Craft Stampin' Spots are a GREAT choice if you don't use the pigment ink as often as the dye ink. You should try both to see which is right for you.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Name Frames

Another SUPER fun Name Frame Class: