Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Cards

Here are some holiday cards that I hijacked from some VERY talented stampers - just wanted to share their talent with you....I don't have time for my "own talent" right now - got some classes to get ready for and some presents to make!!! LOL

Don't you just LOVE this cuddlebug card??? If you don't have one - go NOW and get yourself one - RUN - RUN VERY FAST!!!! Everyone should have one....I wonder if I could get a cut from the company for all the poor, poor stampers I've enabled??? I'm thinkin' NOT! You CAN use your 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby for this baby - don't take no for an answer.....some of my stampers have been telling me they have been turned down with the coupon - NOT SO - ask to talk to the manager!

My ALL-TIME FAVORITE stamp set from the Holiday Mini Catalog! This has sooooooooo much potential! You could put a "thank you" on the bottom and it's totally "not all about Christmas!"

OH - here it is again! Imagine that! My favorite stamp set.....

AND - OH....I do believe that those snowflakes are from......YES - my favorite stamp set, yet again!!!! Do you have your cuddlebug yet????? I told you to RUN girlfriend!

Hope your holiday card making is going GREAT - mine not so an cardstock and stamps....even got me some no time....

VAN UPDATE: If you are a regular addict to my insane little'll remember the little tidbit about my van (see "birdie picture" to catch up).....remember that part about the $300? YEA - that's the one! Well that check engine light came on you suppose that I would have been better off just throwing that money off a bridge? I knew this would happen....NO - I'm not bitter....I'm very use to these types of things....seems to happen to me all the time.... Well - here's what I'm a thinkin''s missing a little - you know, when it's not running real smooth, but it's STILL running - so I'm thinking that I'll just put some more gas in and I have a little piece of black tape that might take care of my little problem for a while? I'll keep you updated...cuz I know you are really interested in my little dilemna!!! LOL

If you can't laugh at lifes' little bumps - you'll be a miserable, bitter person - KEEP SMILING!

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