Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Name Frame Creations!!!!

The Name Frame Class was a HUGE success tonight!!!! I think my stampers had a GREAT time. I brought in a bunch of stamp sets, all my ink pads, cardstock, Designer Paper, ribbon and embellishments - WOW - this only took me about 30-45 minutes to load will probably take me about 4 days to unload - LOL!!!! Those of you that know me are simply shaking your head up and down slowly! I'm such a procrastinator!

Anywhoo - I had a couple sample Name Frames that I made and everyone ran with it! I LOVE to see all the different ideas and layouts that my talented customers come up with - they did a FABULOUS job! Each one is unique in it's own way!

My daughter even joined us tonight - it was better than staying home with "crabby daddy!" Crabby because drivers were "trying to kill him" on the way home from work tonight.....he exagerates just a little...sometimes! That's her in the yellow. She even asked me if she had to purchase the frame - I donated it to her, but I'll work it off in the morning when I unload all my loot!!!

Artist: Sue M.

Artist: Diane D.

Artist: Heather M. (getting married this Saturday!!!)

Artist: Julie

Artist: Brenda V.

Artist: Hailey A.

Artist: Jennifer C.

Artist: Julie

Artist: Brenda V.

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