Sunday, July 13, 2008

Swap Cards

Convention is just around the corner and I've been working on swap cards....but these are for private swaps!!!! What could I possible be thinking????? LOL I have joined 3 private swaps and I'm hosting a shoebox swap next Wednesday - another swap card!!!! All this with convention coming - CRAZY! LOL These are all VERY good swaps and I don't want to miss anything - ya know???

Here's a close up of one swap card. I thought it was a cute idea to have only one owl showing on the front and then several on the inside with the message "something for you from owl of us!" Little pun!

Here's a picture of the stampin' dungeon after a night of actually doesn't look too bad...really! It's been much worse! LOL

Let the flooding begin! NO - not really - this is what I woke up to this AM. I'm really tired of all the excessive rain in the last month or so....everytime we get substantial rain - my stampin' dungeon looks like this!!! It's ruining one of my bookshelves!!!! Notice - everything on the floor is in bins - I have LEARNED my lesson here! This is what happens when you have a 108 year old house....and would rather spend your money on STAMPS!!! LOL

Thanks for looking!


Cindy said...

Hi Kelly, Love your owl swap card, this is just the cutest idea; I will want to case it I am sure! The rain is really being your biggest nightmare! With your sense of humor I am sure that your taking it all in stride.

Stampin' Paradise said...

YEA - it happened again on Wed - and my sense of humor is getting VERY thin! LOL