Friday, July 25, 2008


I saw this on another blog and had to hijack it!!! We have a running joke in my house - my UPS guy is HOT! My hubby is always bringing the "hot UPS guy" up in a teasing way - LOL!!!! My mom was visiting one day and I was looking out the kitchen window and I gasped, she came right over to see what it was that I was the BIG BROWN TRUCK round the corner!!! She just rolled her eyes! And of course thought I was a little crazy...and I am.

It's not the UPS guy, per se, it's all the stamping supplies he's delivering SILLY!!! LOL


digibbs said...

You got that from me! I so wished it was the little boy at the door when I did this, cause I have a son!
Fun huh!
I have a pin that says"
Do you Fantasize about the UPS man?"
I think we all do!

Stampndragon said...

TIA to both of you! I want to put it on my blog as well, so hope ya'll don't mind! This is too good to not share and is so true for all of us, I have to go look everytime I hear the UPS truck, even when I know I am not expecting anything, I just kinda hope something is coming that I forgot about.