Friday, July 18, 2008

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I've been tagged by Sharon and now I need to publish 7 random or weird facts. Now, who really wants to publish 7 weird facts about themselves? Conversely, perhaps publishing any facts about yourself is a little weird... hmm but I've never had a problem with myself...well I have several problems....but we won't get into that! LOL

So.. here are the rules:


7 Random or Weird Facts About Me:

1.  I LOVE beautiful front doors on hubby used to drive through nice neighborhoods so I could look at the beautiful doors...this is funny considering that my front door came from an old school house and is horribly ugly!!! LOL

2.  I LOVE hunting - deer hunting, bow hunting, but bear hunting is my all-time fav!  If you're a tree hugger and find this offensive, please don't leave negative messages on my blog - I don't infringe on your right to do what you love and I don't care what you have the right not to visit my blog.

3.  I LOVE my pool - this is not weird - but the weird part is....I don't really like swimming! LOL  Just floating around, basking in the sun....

4.  I LOVE it when my father (a professional driver) starts purposely driving crazy on the slippery, snow-covered roads or muddy roads - I DO NOT like it when my husband does this! LOL

5.  From my daughter....I drink Pepsi from sun up to way after sun down and I don't like to drink water - she thinks this is weird.  If that's all she's got - I figure I'm doing OK!

6. When I go to bed at night and find one of my pillows under my hubby's head - I really want to smack him!!! LOL  This really makes me mad!  Men have stinky heads and I hate stinky pillows! (thank goodness he never reads my blog)

7.  And last but not least.....I would rather scrub toliets than go grocery shopping or cook meals!

The official rules say that I'm suppose to tag 7 more bloggers - but I'm suppose to be packing to go camping this weekend right now...well kind of camping...we have a soccer tournament about 1 1/2 hours from the camping with an 8am game and 2:40pm game Sat and another 8am game, 10:40am game and 2:40pm championship (which we always get to) game on Sun - and in between all this - I have my class reunion on Sat night an hour the other way from the soccer tournament!!!  So I don't have time to do the 7 bloggers right now - but I'll get to that next week!

Thanks for the tag Sharon!


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bear hunter said...

Here, here to bear hunting!

Sharon F. said...

Kelly, you are too funny! Funny thing about the pillow... I have a funny storry about that too.. LOL Have a good time at the reunion, looking forward to meeting you at convention!

Lori said...

Kelly..while I personally don't 'get' hunting, I think it's awesome that you have something you enjoy.

Thanks for the laugh about the tree huggers and the stinky pillow!

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