Friday, February 29, 2008

Pop Up Box Card Tutorial

Isn't this adorable??? This is a "Pop Up Box" card! It folds closed to fit in a standard size card envelope too! I taught this "It's all in the Fold"as part of an origami class at Hobby Lobby.


Start with an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of scrapbooking paper.

Step 1 - Fold it in half - both ways.

Step 2 - Fold the long sides in to meet the middle fold.

Step 3 - Open it back up and it will look like this.

Step 4 - Fold each corner down so it meets the middle fold and open back up.

Step 5 - Do the same for the bottom corners too - fold each one up to meet the middle fold - open back up.

Step 6 - NOW - this is the trickie part....fold the top and bottom to meet the center fold line again.

Step 7 - Hold your hand on the left side up to the middle vertical fold line and manuever the diagonal fold lines so they fold the opposite way (click on the picture to get a better view).

Step 8 - Looking at the picture above, fold over the right side that is white to look like the picture below.

Step 9 - It appears as if your paper has wings in the picture above....fold those back as shown in the picture below.

Step 10 - Now your card should look like this, once you get those wings folded back.

Step 11 - Fold back the white area showing in the photo above.

Step 12 - Go back to Step 7 and do the same thing to the left side - it helped if I opened the whole thing up again...but this might be a little confusing until you actually get one completed.

Step 13 - This is what your card should look like - again, click on the photo to see a larger view with more detail.

When you open the card - it becomes a box and when you close it again it is a flat card.

The paper above is from Hobby Lobby. The stamp sets are Stampin' Up!
The paper below is SU's retired Wintergreen Designer Series.

This is the card we made for the class - don't you LOVE those new star punches!!!!

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