Thursday, February 7, 2008

Origami Cards

I had soooooo much fun making these cards!!!! They are for my Origami card class - "It's All in the Fold!" at the Hobby Lobby in Oshkosh. The class is scheduled for Wednesday, February 20th at 10am and 6pm. You can click on the picture to get a larger view.

Here's my game plan....we will all sit down at a table together and do the folding for all four cards. Then everyone will be able to go to each of the tables and complete the cards. I will include website links or printed directions for each card via email.

1) The top card is an origami shirt - very easy and fun to make!
2) The card with the stars on it is called a Pop-Up Box Card - yep, that's right "box card!" It is completely flat and fits in a standard envelope, but when you open it - it pops up into the shape of a box!!!!
3) The 3rd card uses a folding technique called the Dahlia and double sided designer paper - it is even more beautiful in person!!!
4) The 4th card is adorned with a pretty floral dress - how cute is that????

The cost for the class is $15 and includes envelopes for you to stamp to match each card. If you're too far away to come take the class with me - I would be happy to make the cards for you and ship them to you with links for the directions. You can contact me through email - use Origami Card Class in your subject line. The cost would be $15 plus$2.50 for shipping.

As requested - I will also be putting MADE TO ORDER card kits together for you!! Most of the fun of stamping is actually putting the cards together yourself. If there's a card that you'd like to have mulitiples of - I will cut and stamp the elements for the card and put it in a kit for you to put together. All kits will include envelopes too! 4 cards for $10 - these kits can be ordered via email also.

Thanks for looking!

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