Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My BEAUTIFUL Present!!!

My bestest friend in the whole world sent me this BEAUTIFUL, PRICELESS gift yesterday!!!! This is one of the BEST gifts I've ever received!!!!! Can you tell how excited I am???

This is what she wrote in her beautiful card to me:

"Okay, here it is - you're either going to love it or think it's totally gross! I promise not to look for it on your walls when I come to visit!"

It took me about 3 seconds to find the hammer...a little longer to find a couple nails and I had that beauty up on the wall in less that 5 minutes!!!! I can't believe she thought I might not like it - SHE KNOWS ME BETTER THAN THAT!!!!

This picture doesn't do it justice. It's just gorgeous!!!!

If you notice in the picture above - the 1st photo of me isn't the most flattering....I don't photogragh well...I never have. You know how some people are very photogenic - like my daughter??? That's not me! But I have to tell you - for those of you out there that shy away from being in pictures -STOP IT! It's horribly annoying to the photographer, rather vain, if you ask me - yes I said vain. Someone wants your picture - you give it to them. My hubby is always complaining that I take too many pictures - "put that camera away!" Blah Blah Blah..... Then he wants to know why he's not in any pictures when I make something like this...don't have any pictures - DUMMY! The moral of my story is - LET THEM TAKE YOUR PICTURE! And don't make funny faces...that ruins everything!

I hung it in the main hallway, where everyone can see it! And if they don't notice it - I'm gonna make them look at it!!! LOL


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Ret said...

awwww, kelly, how nice that she did that for you! IT's GREAT!! and what a beautiful job she did. I'm glad you hung it up for all to enjoy! ohhhh, and good advice on the picture takin! hehe