Thursday, May 3, 2007

Panama Cruise with SU 2007

I LOVE JUMBO WHEELS....and this one definitely is JUMBO! Hubby and daughter made the journey with me on this fabulous 9 day cruise!

Here's the ms Zuiderdam Holland American ship we lived on for the week. It was very luxurious and comfy!

Hailey & Kelly on the beach at the island of Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas. We spent the day basking in the sun, eating, walking on the beach, eating, playing frisbee, eating....did I say eating? LOL Hailey and Steve each earned a major sunburn. Me? I reflect the sun!

Me and Hailey in the dining room. We only went to the dining room twice - this being the only "formal" night we made it. The wait staff called our room to find out if anything was wrong - why we weren't coming to dine with them? I told them that "I was on vacation - my whole life is scheduled - and I don't want to have to be in the dining room at 6:15 each evening because that's another schedule!" I don't think they understood my concept - but I sure did - we ate on the buffet level whenever we wanted....which was ALOT!

The whole family on formal night!

Arriving in Aruba!

PEPSI - my dear friend! This was the 1st Pepsi I had in 3 days and when Hailey tried to interrupt me while I was savoring my sweet nectar, I held up my finger and told her to "just let me have my moment!"

We took a snorkeling excursion in Aruba on a catamaran!

Hailey snorkeling.....

The water is so amazingly clear and blue.....

I received gifts from SU every evening of the cruise - this is one of them!

Here's another - a full color book on the history of the Panama Canal!

Relaxing with a Pina Colada and goofing around with Hailey - notice the extra curly hair on the top of my head?

They even had a Make-N-Take session for the kids!

The food presentation was incredible!

This was a special event evening fully equipped with a white and chocolate fountain!

Check out that fruit tree made out of pineapples!

Our ship is coming into the Panama Canal! They paid well over $200,000 just to enter the canal, sit for the day and turn around and go back out to the ocean!

Notice how narrow the canal is - our ship just barely fit in the passage way!

Here are monkeys in the trees along the canal! I also saw some big green parrots flying around and a toucan!

These are all the ships waiting their turn to go through the canal.

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Caroline said...

Awesome pics, loved them! Serena says hi to Hailey! :)