Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Family Photo Collage

This is a photo collage that I made to hang in my laundry room. I stamped up the matte with craft ink and embossed it with clear embossing powder. I purchased this frame at Sears last year on clearance for $9.99 - and YES - it sat in my laundry room between the washer and dryer all this time! I finally took the time to get it together - with the help of my darling daughter. I had her go on the computer and download photos to Walgreens for development - needed a little help in the "time" dept there! LOL.

Anywho - don't you love my paint job on the wall???? This is my favorite "remodeled" room in my big old house! I bought the wallpaper border and then used wide painters tape and rotated tape and wall...tape and get the idea. Then I took the bright colors from the border and sponged them in between the tape. I wanted this room to be really bright and colorful - it also doubles as the bathroom for the pool. Here's a close up of the same picture - because I know I would want to see this puppy in detail! This is most of my family - my daughter (Hailey), step kids (Steven, Stephanie & Anna), daughter-in-law (Kelly), hubby (Steve), our dog (Rudy), my grandbabies (AJ & Andi) and my parents. I think I will change the pictures in here every year to update! Well - based on how long it took me to get this together....maybe every 5 years or so - that's more realistic! LOL

Here's another one I made for my daughter-in-law as a going away present when she moved to Georgia. My step-son - Steven - served a year in Bagdad and came home to marry his sweetheart! I went around town and took pictures of people, signs and places that were a part of Kelly's life. She LOVED it!!!! And YES - there is a second set of Kelly & Steve Achesons! It's very confusing.

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