Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bummin about the Retirement List!

This was my stamp collection before the retirement list was issued May 1st.....It's also much nicer looking than usual! LOL

and NOW IT'S A GHOST TOWN down in the Dungeon of Paradise....this is all that I have left of my fabulous collection of stamps! I lost 112 stamp sets to the 2007 retirement. On the up-side - I can hardly wait for the new catalog to come!!!

I never used this set much - Sketch It - but this sure was a cute card!

The Pines set has been one of my old reliable for the hunting men in my life!

This is the 1st time I've ever used this it will be gone!

What could we possibly replace Classic Pickups with? This is one of my very favorite man stamp sets!!!!! I'm going to miss this one tremendously!

My SWEET Pocket Fun.......

Buggies & Booties is such a GREAT classic baby stamp set....I don't think I can sell this one just yet!

My sweet little Fishy can I cope without you???? There are 1,888 card samples at for this stamp set. Soooooooooo saddddddddddddd.....

Oh Sporting Goods, oh poor Sporting Goods - I LOVE THIS SET!!!!! I used it more consistently than any other stamp set I have - soccer coach cards, basketball coach cards, volleyball coach cards, golfer boys in my life, football fans on my birthday list......such a sad farewell! Sniff, Sniff....

Blamy Breezes....I wanted to scrapbook my Panama Cruise with this it's retiring!

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Anonymous said...

Stamp collecting is great - I recently picked up this hobby again thanks to an article by Armand Rousso "Philately Extends Life". Armand, who founded the first online stamp exchange, reminded me about all the great reasons to do philately!