Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy Weekend!!!!

I had a houseful on Saturday....my step-daughter, Anna is getting married in June. So her friends, sister and I got together to tackle the huge task of making her shower and wedding invitations! We actually made 120 shower invites and 236 wedding invites in one day - HOLY COW!!!! I earned the name "stamp nazi" in the process - LOL!!!!! Most of these girls had never stamped before - they did an incredible job in the 10 hours I was cracking the whip!!!! I'm pretty sure they will NEVER stamp again too - LOL!!!

Here's the bride, her sister and friend.

My daughter-in-law and another friend.

You get a rib cage after you cut out a ton of little wedding dresses - Stephanie - always the clown!

The groom showed up to help drink some wine! I couldn't get him to stamp though....

This is what 236 wedding invitations look like:

The final product....this design was made by my friend from Colorado - I receive this card as a swap at convention last summer!

And this is what 120 shower invitations look like:

Then....as if we didn't get enough on Saturday - my step-daughter and I came up with the bachelorette party invites to be included with the wedding shower invites!


2stampis2b said...

Wow, talk about a project! They're gorgeous and I can't believe you did that many in one day! It's funny that you say they dubbed you the "stamp nazi" because my nieces husband apparently calls me that too! Hey, I like it...no stamps for you niece's husband!

Angie Pierce said...

I wanted to let you know I made this card I liked it so much! You might want to copyrigt it so that no one else can view it -- it's that good!