Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aloha - Day 2

WOW!  How ungrateful am I????  I forgot to show you our 1st gift from Stampin' Up!  We received this stuffed dolphin on our beds when we arrived in our rooms.  The Raspberry Tart Designer Paper came after I went to the Hospitality Room to spin the Prize Wheel!!!!  That's what I won!!!!



I know this is really hard to see - click on the photo to make it bigger.  It's a whale spout in the ocean - Steve and I watched the whales right from our balcony this morning.  This one was pretty far away - but about an hour later they were very close to shore and they were jumping out of the water too!!!!  I wasn't able to get a photo - just not quick enough....maybe tomorrow.


There are several waterfalls in our resort - this is just one of them.


Here's another view from our balcony during the day - it's just soooooooo beautiful here!


And another view looking the other way - notice all the black rocks - that's lava from the volcanoes.


Here's a Koi (sp?) fish pond we ran across today - again in our resort...I haven't even covered a quarter of it yet.


Aren't these beautiful???


This is a beach at our resort...I don't really like sand - so we laid by one of the many pools today and then I took a nap....ahhhhh island life!


Here's another water fall at the resort.


There are several bridge walkways that zig-zag back and forth over the water channels here.  The building in the background is actually the tower we are staying in.


I couldn't resist this postcard perfect view!


It's hard to see - but this turtle was just swimming around in the water as I walked over a bridge today.


The flowers are just starting to bloom here.


This was the little shopping center we visited this evening.  It's called the Queens Market - tomorrow we're going to see what's at the King's Market.


Let me introduce you to Sock Monkey (SM)!  Most of you have seen him hanging around with me.  He's having a GREAT time in Hawaii too!  Here he is napping with the pillow candies!


And again, enjoying some much needed sunshine!


And the view!


This is my friend from Minnesota, Dawn and her husband Gene.  Dawn took a little tumble on her first day here and hurt her feet.  She's still having a good time! 


A little relaxation while shopping....


And again......


Doesn't this guy look real?  It's just a poster.....


The Hawaiian UPS man fell in love with SM too!!!!  You know how SU Demo's LOVE UPS men!!!! LOL


And last but not least....our gifts from SU on Day 2.  I got this awesome bag and Steve got one too!!!!!


It's 2:56 am at home right now.....it's not even 10pm here in Kona.  And of course....you can see that I'm adjusting to the time change well....LOL...NOT!!!!  I was up at 4:30 this morning and you know I'm not a morning person - LOL!

Tomorrow (or should I say today?) brings more sunshine, basking by the pool, eating and a little trip to the shopping mall...it's just a little strip mall here - nothing too complicated.  You're not going to see any exciting excursions with me and SM.....I'm just here to relax and I'm doing a GREAT job of it!  See you tomorrow!!!!

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Shannon said...

What a glorious trip! Looks like it's been amazing already. Love the photos, thanks for sharing.