Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aloha! - Day Three

I'm still surviving in paradise...I KNOW...hard to believe! LOL  We spent the day exploring our resort...there's just so much to see here without even leaving the grounds.  It was a pretty slow day...by the time we got up and got ourselves together - I realized that Hailey was out of school for the day! LOL!!!!  The time difference really throws me!  We just walked around the resort exploring, had lunch, visited the Hospitality Room to spin for my daily prize, picked up my Make-N-Take packet, laid by the pool and took a nap.  Exhausting!  NO - relaxing!  That's what I'm here for silly!


I have walked by this little bubbling pool/waterfall a dozen times and just noticed it this morning!


We went exploring the other side of the resort today and came across this beautiful waterfall.


Steve is ready about the sea turtles that come into this cove....I took a picture of one that I posted yesterday.



Here's another pool that we discovered today.


I can never resist a good flower shot!




He needs one of these for a pet!


I was watching the dolphins today when I spotted this!


The resort has it's very own Dolphin Quest.  We watched for quite awhile today.  It was very cool - they are so sweet looking.  But I saw the show - "when good pets go bad" and I wasn't really interested in swimming with them.....I'm not petting any bears and I'm not getting in the water with a huge dolphin either! LOL


Isn't this a weird looking flower?  I was getting ready to take this photo when a gecko scurried down the foliage - yep - I let out a little screech!


They have parrots out in the open in the lobby - they wave at you, but I didn't hear them talking....


The artwork is just fantastic...if  you're into that sort of thing...which I'm not.


Here's the Prize Wheel!!!!!  I get to spin it everyday and win something - I LOVE prizes!!!!  I landed on the "grab bag" today....


And I won a pair of Paper Snips....you all know I NEED these!!!


Here are a few card samples from the display boards.  I just LOVE the Fifth Avenue Floral set!




We had Make-N-Takes today and we all received this basket filled with ink pads, jumbo brads, a marker, sticky strip and a stamp set!!!!  I LOVE presents too!


Here I am enjoying a Pina Colada....and fresh pineapple too!  We had lunch here today - a club sandwich with chips, a hamburger with fries, 2 beers and my foo-foo drink came to $66 - LOL!!!!! OUCH!  SU gave us $60 for lunch - and I thought that was very generous......


This was our present tonight.  I thought it was a bouquet of flowers when I first received it.  But it's a bunch of giant leaves, all wrapped around island snacks.


So far they are delicious!


Just another beautiful view!


And another gorgeous sunset.....


I had so many pictures here today...that I decided to hold off on the WHALE photos!!!!  YES - I have some really good pictures of the Whales jumping around out in the ocean.  They put on a super show today.  I guess they come near the resort to have their babies and hang here because there aren't a lot of predators in this area.  I'll show you those tomorrow some time.

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Shelly May said...

everything looks so beautiful and fun! i'm so sad that i'm not there... but i'm so glad you are having a great time. :-)

love the sock monkey pics!!! shelly may