Monday, March 23, 2009

Aloha! - Day One

We made it!!!!!  The plane ride, while long, wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.  My husband even took it all in stride....I was VERY happy about this...don't forget his bulging disk in his neck and back.  This was our jet - a 777...I've never been on a plane this big.  We had a little turbulence coming over Denver - nothing bad...I love to fly - so those types of things don't bother me.  I was amazed at how HUGE the engine was as I walked down the ramp next to it!


After a double dose of McDonalds' Cinnamelts and milk in Chicago.....I slept most of the husband (Steve) keeps telling everyone that he had a big pile of drool on his shoulder...but if that's the price he has to pay to go to Hawaii - so be it!

My mom....the ever wise mom...told me to make sure that I got up and walked around during the flight.  Me - I thought I knew better.  The flight from Chicago only took 9 hours 5 minutes...we thought it was a 15 hour flight (so that was great).  I never moved from my seat the whole time.  I was on that flight to I so desperately needed it...I was soooooooooo looking forward to that part - how sick is that??? LOL!

Well mom - this is what happens when you're darling daughter (that doesn't listen to your ever-wise advice) thinks - agh, I'll be fine....will you look at the size of those feet and ankles????  I have cankles!  My feet were so swollen that I didn't think I was gonna get my shoes back on.  Thank goodness they didn't hurt - just uncomfortable!  Don't worry mom - my ankles have gone back to their old boney selves!


First thing off the plane - here's Steve getting Leid (not sure how to spell that so it's not the pornographic one!).  Oh yea...he ate that right up!


And now we both got leid!!!! LOL


Ahhhhhhhhhhh....we're on the bus that takes us to the Hilton Resort.


Our room is just incredible!!!!!  I LOVE MY JOB!!!!  This is just "SO STAMPIN' UP!"  Everything is first class!!!!




This is the view from our room....we all have Ocean Views!  I'm sitting on this patio listening to the gentle lapping of the ocean waves in the dark.  I'm barefoot and in a t-shirt - the weather is absolutely perfect!  It's only 5:00 am here - LOL!!!!  I'm wide awake - I think I'm all caught up on my sleep now!  And my mom and dad called my cell phone this morning at 4:30 Hawaiian time - silly parents!

101_0351  101_0354

We enjoyed our first Hawaiian cocktails on this patio....when Steve came back with them he said to be careful "if I spilled it, he might cry!"  It was $21 for a rum and coke and a pina colada!!!!!  I didn't spill....


The Stampin' Up! Welcome reception started at 6pm - we were greeted with a shell necklace by the Kona Pool.  Everyone enjoyed one of these complimentary drinks...well except us...because we didn't get there until after 7pm...remember I'm not on a schedule this week!



I spied this guy right away...not a bad view!


And last but not least...this is the view of the sunset from our room on our first night in paradise...aghhhhhhhhhhhh.


We have a Stampin' Up! breakfast this morning at 8am and then a General Session after that.  I really like the General Sessions.  Shelli will give us a warm welcome - tell us how very grateful she is for all our hard work to get here and let us know what's happening with the company...she will probably announce the 2011 incentive trip too!

Keep watching for more pictures!

Side Note:  A tiny bit disappointed...this is a Coke-A-Cola resort...that's a real bummer and I'm a Pepsi freak...but I found one cooler down by the spa that handles my sweet nectar of the gods!  Out of a 64 acre resort - I found the only cooler with Pepsi!

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one that used the phrase "nectar of the gods!" ~i use it to refer to my morning coffee :)
~fellow SU Demonstrator