Monday, September 22, 2008

SU Gifts

Here are the rest of the FABULOUS gifts we received everyday while at Founder's Circle!!!!

A pink wallet to match our pink purses we were given at Convention!!!

A journal and matching pan to write all those important tips in that were flying out of the mouths of TOP demonstrators in the US and Canada!!!!

This GORGEOUS necklace with our initials is breath taking to say the least!

Yea...I'm not pointing at my "hoo-hoo" here - look at the necklace silly!!!!

And last, but certainly not least was this luxurious pink blanket!!!! These were placed on all our chairs when we were wisked away for a final "SURPRISE" dinner on Satuday night....more on that later!

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Dawn O said...

Hey Girlfriend - love your necklace! Fun Blog!