Friday, September 19, 2008

Coming to you from Founder's Circle

Hello Everyone ~

I really wish I had the ability to upload some pictures!!!! I'm in St. George Utah - at Stampin' Up's Founder's Circle gathering!!!!! I'm on the hotel computer and it won't let me load anything...I just wanted to tell you that I have tons of stuff to show you all!!!! We did our pajama party last night - fully equipped with tons of candy, root beer floats, orange sherbet floats and fancy snacks (I don't know how to spell hordouevers - LOL!). We sat around on couches with huge pink pillows and blankets and shared our best business ideas - it was just a BLAST! We also had a HUGE holiday card swap last night - I have ideas from all the BEST in the business!!!!!

I can' wait to share all the pictures with you - we have received a beautiful gift everyday!!!! YES - some of these gifts are STAMPS!!!!

I'm off to go shopping - be back on Sunday!

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