Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Decor Elements Samples

I've been getting some questions about the NEW Decor Elements - soooooooooooo - I wanted to show off some VERY cool samples that I ran across.
Why did Stampin' Up! venture down this alley?

The Décor Elements product line is another way to let you express your creativity-just on a larger canvas than a card or scrapbook page! This natural extension of our products is also right on trend, and our artwork converts from stamp sets to wall art images with ease. SU brought you Two-Step Stampin', so why not two-step and three-step wall art that will really catch your attention? Apply a frame, then choose a letter to go inside it.

This from SU - Décor Elements images work well on the following surfaces:

• Smooth, nontextured, drywall walls painted with matte or glossy paint
• Other smooth, nontextured surfaces, such as glass or metal
• Smooth, nontextured wallpaper
• Flat, smooth, finished wood surfaces, such as paneling or doors

We do not recommend that you apply Décor Elements images to the following surfaces:
• Textured or uneven surfaces
• Brick
• Oil-based surfaces

BUT....if you look at the bathroom photo above - you'll see that the wall is an eggshell texture - so they do work on textured surfaces!!!!

I can't wait to get a laptop and customize it like the lime green one above!!!! With the holidays FAST approaching - what a GREAT gift idea!!!!!

If you have any questions about the Decor Elements - don't hesitate to contact me!

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