Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Founder's Circle Fun!!!

Day two of my trip was all about fun!!!!  Here's my two Debbie friends....


Our theme this year is all about "blooming" cute is this???


Here's me and Heather at the Tuacahn Outdoor Musical Theater...we watched Aida last night - it was so cool.  I wish I could have taken more pictures, but they didn't allow any during the show.


Here's Ann Clemmer - being silly with her ribbon idea...I can't wait to show you this one!


Check out the beautiful Decor Elements on this window partition!!!!


And now for a couple fun cards... Jill Olson shared these cards with us...they use the Sweet Treat cups!!!!



And this is a journal that was made for Max uses the NEW stencils and stencil paste with our die-cuts and beautiful is this????


Here's our Day 2 gift from Stampin' Up! It's a hardcover of The Secret Garden....personally signed on the inside cover by Shelli!


Thanks for stopping for more photos from FC!!!!

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