Thursday, September 17, 2009

Founder's Circle!!!!

HOLY COW!!!! I have tried to give you guys the dish on my Founder's Circle Trip several times since I's really been hard this year! WHY??? Because I know more people and you know how "shy" I am...LOL!!!! So I've been flapping my jaws too much!!!!
I just got back from the Musical Theater "Tuacahn" where we all enjoyed the Aida Elton John & Tim Rice. It was an incredible outdoor for photos tomorrow.
Once again, we are at the Marriot in St. George, Utah - it is beautiful here! Founder's Circle is a very special trip for the top 100 Demonstrators in the US, top 10 in Canada and top 18 Rising Stars. It's an opportunity to network with other demos and relax - a reward for all the hard work it takes to achieve Founder's.

We were greeted by Decor Elements on all the windows in the lobby and hallways - it was sooooooo charming!!!! Stampin' Up! has an incredible event staff that plans all these "extras" and they are so very talented at what they do!

OK - so those of you that know me well - know how important the photo below is!!! LOL!!!

This is what greeted me when I found my fun is this???

And my beautiful room!!! I'm sleeping like a ROCKSTAR!!!!

And the beautiful pool....

Ohhhh la la....the hospitality room is filled with chocolate!!!! AND candy up the waaaazooooo!!!! Here's the thing....we talked about this today....I am a "white trash" chocolate lover....what the heck is that??? LOL!!! I don't like "good" chocolate - LOL!!! I like Hersey's that's what they labeled me today!!!! Sometimes these ladies can be a little harsh...LOL!

I LOVE candy corn!

In the back corner is where we took the My Digital Studio software training....I can't wait to show you this incredible product!!!!

Here is the INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS table setting at our Welcome Dinner last night - isn't it beautiful???

And the fancy food!

And super fun company - me, Dawn O and Heather S...
Check out the beautiful card and the grapevine napkin ring with the butterfly die!!!
Here's our first gift of the was waiting on my pillow after the welcome dinner....
We got ribbon, In-Color markers, a NEW stamp set and the folder envelopes!!!!

And last, but not's my swap card for the Pajama party swap!!!!

Thanks so much to Jean B. for die-cutting all the letters and assembling my swaps (125 of them) - you did a GREAT job and I do not hate my swaps! LOL!!!!
Last, but certainly not's a little beauty that Ruth Bingle made for me!!!! It's a tin to keep my receipts in!!!!! Ruth is just sooooooooo very thoughtful!!!!!

Check back again soon - I'm a little behind on my posts and I promise to catch up!!!
Thanks for stopping by....

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