Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My BEAUTIFUL Birthday Cards!!!!!

HOLY COW!!!!! I had so much fun with all these birthday cards!!!!! A HUGE thank you to everyone that took the time and effort to make my SPECIAL DAY super fun!
I wore my diamond studded "Happy Birthday" crown all day...went to the post office, Walgreens and City Hall and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON wished me a happy birthday - do you believe that???? I got a lot of funny looks...but nothing else. People need to lighten up and have some fun - I KNOW - RIGHT??? LOL!
It wasn't until I got to my daughter's soccer game that the "wishes" came flooding in....and the laughs too! If you can't have fun - STAY HOME! LOL

I did bribe a lot of these people, to send me a card, with a drawing for a Level 2 Hostess set....
And the WINNER is.......

Vickie Davies!!!!!

Congratulations Vickie!!!!!!


Christine said...

wow.. maybe I should have offered an incentive to send me a bday card. Mine was on the 9th and the only cards I got was from my mom and my husband =o( and it was my big 30.
Pretty cards by the way..

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thank you.

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