Sunday, July 5, 2009

How was your weekend?

What a GREAT weekend! We left the 4th of July open for my step-kids and had a get-together on the 5th instead!!!! It was Stephanie's idea - she scheduled all the food and details and we live here - so it was easy!!! LOL

Steve had a BLAST with grandson AJ in the pool. Porter had fun sneaking Jello and the big kids (us) had fun playing a board game, while Steven was our master griller! Little Andi showed up today too - even though she can't swim in the pool she LOVES - she broke her arm and had to have surgery and pins put in - she's doing GREAT though - such a little trooper!

Oh yea...and I took a few pictures of some swap cards that I received in the mail this week!!!! Can't forget the stamping!

Hope your 4th was spent with family and friends too!

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Wendy Hawkinson said...

I love your 'bots' they are so cute! Glad to see that you had a wonderful 4th of July too! :)

I left you a blog award on my blog--I hope you accept it!