Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Demonstrator Gift!!!

Anyone interested in joining my TEAM???? I just received a confirmation on my lastest TEAM member - Karen D. from Arizona!!!! Here's what Karen is receiving from me as a "Thank you" and "Welcome to my TEAM" gift!!!

From now until the end of April - all new TEAM members will receive a gift like this from ME!!!!
Have you ever thought about taking the plunge and getting that fabulous starter kit??? Here's my story:

About 4 years ago.....things changed a little bit for me....I lost 5 daycare kids in the month of December, for various reasons...temporary job ended, lost their job, moved away. Now, don't get too excited here....many of these kids were not full-time! WOW - this was not going to be good for my income, not to mention, I would have to cut back on my stamping purchases!!! LOL You know...we need to keep our priorities straight! My SU demonstrator, Ann, had mentioned the benefits of getting the Starter Kit, the GREAT value of the kit and the fact that I could save alot of money by receiving the discount that she got! So how does someone buy a starter kit when a big part of her income had just blown up in her face????

AH HA.....TAX RETURN!!! That was the key....I called Ann and told her I needed to make some changes in my life and I wanted the business forms for the kit. Now this might have been a little scarey....except for the fact that I kept my current daycare job - still had a few kids left and the money was coming from an unexpected source (taxes) - we were all good!

I thought....hummmmmm.....I'll invite my friends over and we'll stamp once a month and they will, OF COURSE have to order some of the stuff that they were using at my house - who could resist???? I got my Starter Kit in Feburary (I think) and booked my 1st workshop with my friend Debbie in March. I was very nervous....but I knew that I LOVED stamping and I wanted to project that passion to anyone and everyone! This was it - I had found my niche! I started out slowly......workshop bookings don't just drop out of the sky. I talked to everyone I could and had my first Stamp Camp. I think there were 8 stampers there. I LOVED IT!

I decided then and there that I wanted this to be my full-time job. How many people have a job that they LOVE????? Some do, and I wanted to be one of those people!!!!

I went to Orlando for my first Stampin' Up! convention in July. I was hooked!!!! The next year I went to Salt Lake City to the Stampin' Up! convention - I received 3 awards!!!!! I was given an award for the Rising Star category, Achievers Club and sales!!!!! I've received various awards at each convention since then.

Almost 4 years later.....I am doing 10-15 stamping events per month. I took my family on an all expense paid (for 2) cruise to Aruba and Pamana last spring on the Stampin' Up! cruise. This March, my daughter and I are going to have a blast while cruising to Bermuda with Stampin' Up! - all expenses paid!!!!!

But more importantly.....I've made some life-long friends....I value this more than anything. I have so many stamping friends that share a common passion!!!!! I love sharing my ideas and projects with those that share that passion. It's the best of all worlds!

I have a GREAT TEAM of demonstrators - some are close, some are 1000's of miles away. Most of my demo's joined me to get the discount, some to make money to pay for their habit and share their passion of stamping with others. Some just bought the kit for it's incredible value and left it at that. I love having TEAM meetings with my downline and I love it when they bring the projects that they've been making to share with the group! That's what it's all about - sharing!

How is my goal working out for me? Well - I'm almost there! I'm still working hard - still loving it! I'm almost there - you know - making this my full-time job!

Is it time to make a change in your life?

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