Friday, August 3, 2007

My Holiday Mini Preorder Came Today!!!!!

I'm soooooooo excited!!!! My Holiday Mini Catalog preorder came today!!!! How did I get that so fast you might ask..........I used my birthday money from my in-laws to pay for 2nd Day Express Shipping!!!!! How frivolous is that???? I always try to do something for myself when I get money for a gift and I WANTED THESE STAMPS PRONTO!!!!

Here's the Season of Joy stamp set - $26.95. I think it's going to be the most popular stamp set in the Mini! So, here's the funny part (there's always a funny part in my life!) - I went down to the Stampin' Paradise Dungeon to get my Rubber Craft scissors - if you don't have these for cutting out your rubber, YOU HAVE TO GET THEM!!!! They are the BEST! Anyhoo - I went and got them and I'm going to get those stamps cut and mounted......SILLY ME!!!! I forgot that all the stamps from the Holiday Mini are die-cut!!! How cool is that??? That's why you'll notice that the price is a little higher. SU said this is a test run for the die-cut stamps - they're going to feel out their customers to see if they like the ease of having die-cut stamps and are willing to pay the extra price for them! I LOVE them!!!!

This set called Snow Burst. We have matching wrapping paper and I'm sure this set is going to be a HUGE hit too! Demo's couldn't preorder the wrapping paper because SU has sent it back to the printers. They told us at Convention that they want it printed on thicker paper than the sample they received originally....I LOVE the fact that "high" quality is a top concern with them!

This picture is a little fuzzy - I'd retake it - but it's a whole process that I don't want to spend time on tonight - I have stamps to mount and creative juices to get flowing!!!! These are the Mini Library Clips. They come in four different colors and you get 48 in a pack for $12.95. I wasn't going to order these just yet....but they used them at Convention and I fell in LOVE of course! They are adorable!

And last, but certainly NOT LEAST, we have the Supersize Snowflake set! I didn't realize until they demo'd this set at Convention that both snowflakes are GIANT!!!! They are as big as a background stamp - you mount the outline on one side of the wood block and the other snowflake with the words on the opposite side. They did some really spectacular projects with these! Envision spectacular ornaments with Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder - MY fav in the WOW factor!!!

Holiday Mini Catalogs will be mailed on August 15th - if you're one of my customers - watch your mail!!!!!

One of my BESTEST friends is coming tomorrow and we'll be stamping with these NEW beauties long into the wee hours of the morning - I can hardly wait!!! I'm heading down to the dungeon to clean up a little bit....always such a disaster! Have a GREAT weekend! I'm be sure to post our creations real soon....

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