Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Julie's Demo Gathering

Here she is...........(drum roll)....the STAR of the night: Julie G. oooooo aghhhhhhhh! Julie is an SU Demonstrator friend of mine, I wish she lived closer, I think we could have a lot of fun together - and she does incredible work!!!!!!

Julie had a demonstrator gathering tonight in Bovina (it's about 30 minutes north of here). It was the 1st of many....I hope! She did a fantastic job - we had an incredible meal and she remembered that the chipped beef bagel dip was my all time favorite! I feel like I'm going to explode - I'm so full.

We arrived to pick up our make-n-take bags, fully equipped with a name tag and door prize form. We did some swapping - I LOVE demonstrator swaps! Here's a picture of the swaps that I got:

Here's a shot of the fabulous facility that Julie & Liz use for their stamp camps:

This is a display board that Julie put together for the August Punch a Bunch Promotion:

Opps....and we had a little visitor at the town hall....I think he's in trouble....he thought there was a board meeting, but it was actually last week!!!! Kind of cute - heh? LOL We invited him to stamp with us....but he just laughed and left...kind of in a hurry!!! LOL

I WON I WON I WON!!!!! I actually won a door prize! Julie made up these little beauties for us!!!!

Aren't they the cutest!!!

Here are the wonderful make-n-takes that Julie put together for us. I love that new taffeta ribbon:

I know I'm going to HAVE to HAVE this stamp set:

How cute is this???? A little jar with punched flowers from 3 of our flower punches - a jar of homemade Primas!!!!

Thanks so much Julie for a SUPER fun evening! I can't wait for the next one!

OK - so I've been nurturing my flowers all summer....I water them everyday and sometimes twice a day...I threaten my family with "homelessness" when I'm gone and they're in charge of my flowers and they've come through for me each time. I planted some flower seeds in between my perennials and I've been very diligent in taking really good care of them. I planted dwarf sunflowers and they are doing GREAT - however - I have this 8 foot tall dwarf sunflower....must have put a regular sunflower seed in my packet at the mfg plant, but that's not really the reason for my ranting. Here's the kicker....I've come to a very disgusting I've marveled over the tall "flowers" in the middle of the picture below for several weeks now - very proud of these beauties, mind you - I've come to the horrible realization this week that................I do believe they are GIANT, HEALTHY WEEDS!!!!!!

P.S. I really do have a it brown....but there is grass in my yard. My hubby got some FREE dirt - I LOVE FREE stuff! - from the neighbor and filled in some low spots in our lawn.....this is GREAT I think....but he never planted grass on it.......he's going to wait until fall! OH GREAT - beautiful flower beds to go with our "dirt patch" lawn. I'm sure he's always sabotaging me!

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