Thursday, June 14, 2007

Recipe Book Class

I taught a recipe book class on June 13th - what a blast!!!!! First of all I have to give COMPLETE credit to Jan Tink for the design and thank her for sharing it.

I'm pretty sure that everyone in attendance had a GREAT time! This book is time consuming, but not real difficult. I think it would make a fabulous gift for someone special. It could be used for a shower gift, birthday gift or a WONDERFUL gift to your grown child. I plan to fill mine up with my favorite recipes and give one to my step-son. He calls occassionally to ask how I made this and how I made that - I think he'll LOVE it!!!!! We have a lot of big parties in the summer and I absolutely LOVE making party food - these are my favorites for the book.

If you would like detailed instructions, please mail me directly ( by putting "Recipe Book Instructions" in the subject line and I'll pop them off to you.

For all you demonstrators - I charged $20 for this class and it included a pack of the Recollections Designer Paper, the 5"x5" Art Journal and all the embellishments. The class took about 3 hours.

TIP: I put the recipes in the book so that you could stand it up and they were facing opposite directions....hard to explain....if you had the book open laying on a table the top page would show the recipe upside down and the bottom page would show the recipe right side up.

The following pictures show exactly what we made:

Here are my stampers - hard at work!

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