Monday, October 19, 2009

Deals of the Week - Week 3!!!!

There is a special from Stampin' Up each week in October.
Here is the latest announced today -- which runs through next Monday morning (October 26th – 10 am) when a new special is announced.

These embellishments are soooooo incredibly fun!!!!! I love using them on scrapbooking pages and CARDS too!

I’m often asked if they require extra postage…and the answer is YES – but isn’t the recipient of your GOR JUS card worth an extra $0.20????? Mine is!!!!

#112581 1/2" Library Clips $3.99 SALE
#112571 Circle Designer Brads $3.99 SALE

#109857 Mini Library Clips $8.99 SALE

#114348 Basic Jumbo Grommets $4.49 SALE

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!! I have workshops going in all week….if you’d like to place an order for any or all of these items and save on your shipping costs – email me your order and call me with your credit card and I’ll add them on. NO cash orders here – you must use your credit/debit card. Orders will be delivered to me and available for your pick up.

To place your on-line order – Click on my SHOPPING DIVA BELOW!

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