Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Man of Many Hats!

This was the gift I gave my hubby for his "really old" birthday! This is like the CD Case Accoridan Album we will be making at my FREE scrapbooking class tomorrow night. You should be able to click on the photos to get a better view.

The left side has a scalloped envelope (SU die) and inside is a homemade gift card (see 2nd photo below). How appropriate is the SU Stamp Golfer guy???? On the back side of the gift card - I wrote that he is entited to a round of golf when we go to Hawaii!!!! And we're going to Hawaii on an all-expense paid trip for two on Stampin' Up!!!!
I have no idea how much this is going to cost me, the golf, that is.....but I'm thinking I should have gotten my butt to the mall and purchased a sweater!!! LOL
And here starts the photos of him in his many hats - yes...he is quite a character....most often the life of the party...sometimes good and sometimes not - LOL!!!!

Hubby on the left and his partner in brother...on the right. Did you have any idea that an empty beer case would make such a good hat? I KNOW!!! Me neither! But it also comes with glasses attached (click to view what I'm talking about here!). I really wish I had a photo of what happened shortly after this one was taken. Picture this get-up with a cape made from a black garbage bag and a grown man riding through the campground on a bicycle.....YEA.....I know you're giggling now! I do have my hands full!

On the left - what his teeth will look like in 40 years and on the right...lusting after the hair attached to this hat.

On the left - gettin' jiggy with it...and on the right...still pining after that hair!

And last, but not least.....making a play for a new career...DOG, THE BOUNTY HUNTER! Just kiddin' - he hates that show!!! LOL

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icecheeks said...

I keep getting errors when I am leaving comments?! But I wanted to tell you that I love this gift - you did a great job :) And lucky you....Hawaii AND Stampin Up!!

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