Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leadership Swap Cards!

First of all - I have to apologize for these photos - you may notice they are not as crisp and beautiful as they should be. I have TERRIBLE NEWS - my wonderful Kodak camera is very sick. It's in the hospital and I don't know when it will recover! I KNOW! This has been a huge source of stress and heartache for me!!!! Especially when I was headed for a HUGE photo op in Orlando this week! So, we'll have to put up with this quality until my baby is back home! LOL!

I was busy busy busy just before I left for my Leadership Conference making swap cards!

This stamp set uses the Bloomin' Beautiful, Heard From the Heart and designer paper to create a gorgeous layout. Which by the way came from a Christmas card I received from Connie Fitzgerald - my new demo friend from Founder's Circle.

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Christine said...

This is a beautiful card! If you make any more of them and would like to swap.. I would love to. I live in hawaii so we could mail one to eachother! Let me know..