Wednesday, May 21, 2008

June Scrapbooking Pages

These are my scrapbooking group pages for May. I decided to make some pages in honor of Mother's Day. This is my mom - you've seen her before - I LOVE her to death!!!! She is the bestest mom in the whole world!

My mom is the happiest person I know! You can hear her laughing from accross a crowded room - and you know it's her too! She's always been the kind of mom that will give her opinion, but only when asked and she always tries to look on the bright side of everything - I LOVE that attitude. Her glass is always half full - not half empty. I almost lost her a few years ago and that made me appreciate her that much more...if that was possible! She is the BEST grama in the whole world to my daughter - they both adore each other! I thank god everyday for the blessings He has given me - especially my mom!

I have a very different kind of mom....not the PTA kind, or the Suzie Homemaker kind...but the kind that has really expanded my life. My mom was a hair dresser by trade - but as soon as my younger sister was 18 - she got herself a new career - as a TRUCK DRIVER! YEP - my mom drives a big 18-wheeler. My mom and dad double team their own truck. (FYI - here's a little sticker shock for costs $1,200 to fill their truck up with fuel!)

My mom is a HUGE lover of hunting and fishing. Our vacation time is spent fishing in North Dakota, bear hunting in Northern Wisconsin and deer hunting is central Wisconsin. My mom loves the outdoors, she loves her flowers and she loves to take pictures. So these pages really show her doing the things she loves and she's even been know to play a little Guitar Hero!!!

Here's a close up the of the picture panel. You have to score these at 1/2" at the top so they will open nicely and then attach them with Sticky Strip.

Here's a side view. I actually cut a hole in the front of my page protector so that you can look at the pictures in the panel without taking the whole page out of the protector. If you click on this photo you can get a more detailed view.

I used the Outline Alphabet set - stamped it in Purley Pomegranate ink and then colored it in with a VersaMarker - we learned this at convention last summer.

Thanks for looking!


2stampis2b said...

Your mom is great! And so is the scrapbook how you cut out the page protector to view the photo flips. I've never had the courage to cut the protector!

Kadie Labadie said...

Kelly: What a ROCKIN COOL Mom you have. Just remember that like mother-like daughter. Something tells me your daughter will soon be writing the same thing about you. YOU ROCK GIRL. ENJOY the time you have with your mom-It's short and without a doubt she has all kinds of things left to teach you. Thanks for sharing your pages with us. ENJOYED them very much. Kadie

Cindy said...

You did an excellent job with this, how can you keep topping yourself?! I know for a fact that you have a wonderful mom, and I recognized a couple of the pictures, they are great! What a great keepsake your making.