Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cards from my buds!

Here's a few pictures of the handstamped cards I received from my stampin' buds!!!! Aren't they outstanding???? I'm ashamed to say....I didn't make much for Christmas cards this year....I went to my stash of cards that I had made and grabbed the envelopes from friends and family that sent me cards early (I'll explain this later) and I sent them out.......then I kept the envelopes from the next batch of cards I got and I still have them! I ran out of usual....I promise myself every year that I'll start my cards in July so this doesn't happen....but it never works out that way!

Thanks to all my stampin' pals!

Sue - I'm sorry your card isn't in here....Hailey took it to school and didn't bring it back - it was a HOOT! Thanks Denise for the goodies that went with your gift bag - really made my day!!!

These are some thank you cards I made!

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