Wednesday, December 26, 2007

8x8 Scrapbook Gift for a Special Papa

My incredibly talented, scrapbooking 13 year old daugher, Hailey, made her grandfather one of the BEST gifts he could 8x8 scrapbook of pictures of them together from the day she was born until her 4th year. She's planning on adding to the scrapbook for future celebrations - his birthday, grandparents day and next Christmas too. They've always had a VERY special bond.....and she was born on his birthday - July 1st!

Here she is with her Christmas present....yes she's into snowboarding and I made sure she's all set up! Check out the background on this picture.....this was the view from the kitchen patio on Christmas morning - all the trees were covered with a heavy frost - it's was a magical view!

Here's a picture of my father - looking over his prized book for the 1st time....I'm pretty sure he had some tears welling up! Oh and that's my mom's butt on the left....searching for more presents!!! Sorry mom!

WOW - isn't that something????? She made this all by herself! I would come home from a class and find her in my stampin' dungeon - working away! She loves to use the Becky Higgins layout books......that's where she gets her inspiration from. Sometimes.....only sometimes, she'll ask my opinion.....I give it to her....and she RARELY ever uses it! LOL

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