Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice Weekend!

Here's a little card with a whole lot of fun! There are instructions on making this pinwheel too! They are super simple!

I headed up north to my mom and dad's house for a little R&R on was super nice to relax and do some family stuff!!!!
Does anyone know what kind of toad this is? My mom took this gorgeous picture in her flowerbed!!!!

Playing Sheephead is a favorite of my daughter Hailey and my dad is the "MASTER" of the game - we took some time and I lost a little change! Notice Rudy (dog) - my mom and dad spoil him like crazy...he DOES NOT get to sit at the table at my house!!!! But he's totally involved in this card game! I know if he could talk - he'd be revealing my hand to my dad, in exchange for homemade waffles!

Rudy is a big fan of 4-wheeler rides too!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend too! It's time to get all inky - bye for now!

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