Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Stamping Weekend

I had a FABULOUS time up north last weekend. I did a double header!!! LOL Stamp-A-Stack and hunting!!! Does life get any better???

Here's some pictures from the stamping event......

And here's some pictures from the hunting adventure......
My darling was the Youth Hunt this kids could use a gun.

The woods are just gorgeous right now!

It was also VERY I had a little cooling down session when I got up in my tree stand....or should I say, my hubby's tree stand. 18 ft off the ground was pretty sweet! He might have to find himself a NEW stand!!! LOL

YES - those are my tooties....cooling off. We walked a mile back in the woods.....there were 7 of us out that night and not a single one of us saw a darn thing! Could have sat really close to the road with the same results!!! The animal lovers can sleep soundly for another weekend - LOL!


Dawn O (dostamping) said...

Oh my gosh - look at you, MS Hunter!

Cindy said...

I wondered if that pic of your toes would make your blog!! Love it!!