Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!

WOW - what a trip!!!!! We had all kinds of interesting adventures on this one......

Hailey was not 100% for about 3 days....had a that allowed me to get some SERIOUS sleep!!!!! And boy did I need that!

Flying into New York City was quite an experience - it makes Chicago look like a tiny little pimple on the face of the planet - IT'S HUGE!!!!!

Here's a picture of the Statue of Libery as we cruised out of New York:

I know a lot of people don't like the big city....but I'm an exception I guess! I don't want to live there, but I love exploring them and I LOVE people watching! Here's a view of the city as we are leaving:

What a glorious view of the sun shining through the clouds on our way to Bermuda:

On Monday, we arrived in the Naval Dockyards in Bermuda. That's our ship in the background as we are on our way to our first site seeing adventure:

This is the view from our ship stateroom. It shows the jail that was built when the island was settled. I'm not a big history buff (quite the opposite), but I found all the history of the island very fasinating - love the pirate stories.

This is a photo of Hailey and I at Horseshoe Bay - the sand has a pink tint to it from some pink sealife that is washed up on shore when it dies and blends into the sand. The view was breathe taking!

More ocean shots:

Now for some stamping stuff!!!! Here are some new stamp sets to look forward to in the new catalog that will come out in August!

And here are some cards made with those new stamp sets!!!!

The ribbon on this card has stamping on it!

Here are the new In-Colors that will be introduced with the new catalog!!!! My camera doesn't do them justice...I had a few problems with that! They are really pretty!

I will be loading tons of pictures on my blog in the next few days - so keep watching!

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