Friday, March 21, 2008

March Scrap Pages

Here's the layout that my scrapbookers did for March. I LOVE the Good Egg stamp set!!! I always make my pages first and then go look for photos to go with them....why you might ask???? That's the hard way! Because that's what my scrapbookers have to do - so it only seems fair that I do the same thing!

Little background on my photo usual - there's a story behind these bizarre mom and dad were not home for Easter (they are truck drivers and got stuck in Seattle) Mike (family friend) told everyone that if they couldn't get home - he would cook the Easter dinner! We all found this slightly amusing...because we've never seen Mike cook much of it was a challenge that he took on...especially since my mom and dad are both GREAT cooks!

My family normally wouldn't go up north if my parents weren't going to be around - BUT my husband and daughter had turkey permits for that weekend - YES - that is important stuff! Bright and early on Easter morning he and daughter Hailey went out in search of the trophy Tom. When Hailey arrived back from a very disappointing and freezing cold hunt - she was greeted with bright colored eggs everywhere outside. So the hunt began and that bunny did a pretty good job!

There's a little story behind the picture of her with her eggs on the left page - center picture at the very left (above my husband)....we acutally laughed about it again as I was putting these photos on the page! The photo is taken out the kitchen window....because...well....I wasn't going outside in the freezing cold! My friend Terri and I were watching her search for eggs as she walked by that window and gave us a HUGE grin - when she simply disappeared from sight! As she looked up at the window, she kept walking and tripped over a large landscaping rock and smashed to the ground! LOL LOL LOL I'm laughing as I'm typing this! It's an understatement to say she was slightly embarrassed! But she picked herself up, smashed eggs, broken pride and all and continued until she found every single egg! These are the stories that need to be told on scrap pages - because believe me - in 10 or 15 years, you won't remember those things!

OK - back to the dinner. The photos on the right side page display a beautiful example of what Mike did to my mother's beautiful can see the potatoes boiling over and the mess that it left on the stove top and then there's the picture of the over mitt he burned holes in and one of him examining his hand that also got burned....I had a picture of the huge mess on the counter top too, but that wouldn't fit on the pages....I took all these pictures with the intention of showing my mom - "THE STOVE NAZI" - what a mess we made out of her kitchen while she wasn't there!!! LOL My mom is a little funny about her stove...the minute something spills in the oven - she's harrassing my dad (who likes to make messy apple pies) and wiping it up right away....well maybe that's not so unusual for most people...but for me, it takes all the fun out of having the smoke alarm go off when cooking pizza! LOL My mom's also been called the "BOOT NAZI" - with a house full of hunters every time she's home...that's not a real big surprise!

One time Terri and I pulled the kitchen table into the living room so we could watch TV while we stamped too! I took a picture of that and emailed it to her to show her what we do to her house when she's not there! She got a pretty good kick out of it too!

Back to the meal.....regardless of the fiasco getting it done...our Easter dinner was absolutely FABULOUS! Mike did a GREAT job and we were all VERY greatful....especially me - because I hate to cook! Way to go, Chef Mike!

Back to the pages....

This is where I got my inspiration for the layout. I love working from sketches and this one came on a junk mail packet. Here's the sketch and below is a picture of sample pages using the sketch.


Stamps: A Good Egg; Defining Alphabet; Define Your Life

Ink: Black; So Saffron; Groovy Guava; Lavendar Lace

Cardstock: Lavendar Lace; Groovy Guava; So Saffron; Whisper White

Accessories: Soft Subtles Brads; Aqua Painter; Watercolor Crayons; Tag Corner Punch

Thanks so much for looking!


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