Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Perpetual Birthday Calendar

I finally had time to get this book done!!!! WHEW!

Here's the deal.....I am so tired of re-writing all those birthdays on my new calendar every year. We always have to do it in if we don't have anything better to do in December???!!!!! And this week when my hubby asked me if I sent his brother a birthday card, "isn't today his birthday?" he asks me.....I go to the calendar on the fridge and say "no - it can't be, it's not on the calendar." Then as I'm perusing October....I notice there are NO birthdays in October....well - I'm no genius....sometimes I say I am when I come up with a great stamping idea....but I know my nephews' birthday is in October and he's not on there either! So, when I saw this baby at the Convention in Denver this summer - bells and whistles were SCREAMING in my head!!! LOL I can't be alone - can I? What a GREAT class to put on!!!!! So - I'm going to torture myself with this one and do just that! Would this make a fabulous gift or what????

Come join me on November 6th and make this Birthday Calendar Book! It would make a wonderful gift for a special person in your life! Email me for details at and use Birthday Calendar in the subject line or you might turn into spam! LOL

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